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How to maintain the white ink digital direct jet machine

October 26, 2019by BoldThemes0

White ink digital direct inkjet printers continue to be popularized, and traditional non-environmental printing is gradually eliminated, replaced by more and more intelligent digital direct inkjet printing solutions, so what should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance and maintenance of white ink digital direct inkjet printers?


1. Maintenance and replacement of accessories for white ink direct jet machine. When replacing ink and print head, make sure to turn off the power of the machine. And discharge the machine.

2. When the machine is printing normally, do not touch the nozzle directly with your hands to avoid accidental injury. Also adjust the distance between the print head and the fabric to prevent the fabric from rubbing against the print head and causing the print head to block.

3. When the machine is not working, please print a test chart to ensure that the nozzle is in good condition, then turn off the power and cover the dust cover.

4. The white ink digital direct-injection printing machine must be turned on every day to clean the print head and then print a test chart to ensure that the print head is not clogged, give the machine a few seconds of buffering, and then operate the LCD panel.

5. The white ink digital direct injection machine needs to increase the cyclic stirring function, and the stirring cannot be continuous stirring can only be intermittent stirring, otherwise it will produce bubbles and cause the nozzle to break.

6. When replacing the ink, be careful to shake the ink evenly to prevent precipitation of the white ink, which may cause the white ink to not be white.

7. To replace the ink cartridges must be in the non-working state of the machine. When installing the ink cartridges, pay attention to the position of the card slot. Do not install it forcefully. If the machine is not used for a long time, the ink cartridges are easy to be blocked. You can wipe it gently with an alcohol cotton ball.

8. In order to ensure the damage to the machine due to power supply problems such as voltage instability, please install a voltage stabilizer and other necessary protection for the machine.

9. Pay attention to the normal connection of the data cable of the white ink digital direct printing machine and the computer, and carry out reasonable wiring.

10. If there is a problem with the machine, do not disassemble and repair it without authorization. In the printing process of garment pieces, you can contact professional technicians for inspection and maintenance.


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