A3 DX5 UV flatbed printer uv printing machine

A3 DX5 UV flatbed printer uv printing machine

NEW UV Printer Led Printer Small A3 Uv Flatbed Printer

Energy use - 250w

Supply voltage -AC 110 - 240v, 50Hz-60Hz

Dimension: 67cm x  67cm x 64cm

Dimension with box : 77cm x 74cm x 71cm

Weight: 55 kg

Weight with box: 82 kg

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UV flat-panel printer, also known as universal flat-panel printer or UV inkjet flatbed printer, breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and reach the level of staring with single page without plate-making and full-color image printing at one time in the true sense. Compared with traditional printing technology, it has many advantages.
EraSmart UV flatbed printer adopts stable platform technology and advanced stepper motor drive mode. It combines infrared meanwhile, laser positioning, water-cooling and air-cooling to meet long-term continuous work requirement. It has a wide print range and can print products within 130 mm height.
EraSmart UV inkjet printer can be printed with almost unlimited material. For example mobile phone case, stone cameo, acrylic board, wallet, customized steel film, wallpaper, ceramic tile, U disk, CD-ROM, glass, ABS, PVC etc.

Brand EraSmart
Model A3-18 (full-automatic type)
Printhead Micro Piezo 180×8/1390/DX5/DX7
Print Resolution 5760x2880dpi
A3 print area Max 12″ width x Unlimited
Print Size A3(300*420mm)
Print Speed A3(2880dpi/3min)
Software AcroRIP
Print Height 0~140mm, measured with infrared ray
Operating System WindowXP,7,10
Ink Consumption 1m2/10ml
Ink Supply 150ml*6 continuous ink supply
Emboss Print Available
Package Dimension L720*W700*H570MM
Equipment Dimension L 670*W 670*H 500mm
Cooling Mode of UV Lamp Water Cooling + Air Cooling
White Ink Output Support (output white ink and color ink at the same time (according to your selected mode)
Platform Adjustment Touch Scree + Height Measurement by  Infrared Ray
Package Export Wooden case + Foam


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