Focus on desktop small flatbed printer UV and DTG.

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Chuang Cheng Da technology co., Ltd (Brand EraSmart). is an innovative technology company with a strong research and development
technical team and a professional sales team. The company has a number of utility model patents and has 7 years of rich foreign trade
The company mainly operates small flat-panel printers. All the printers of the company are high-end printers with their own brands and design
patents. Since the products were launched, they have been sold well in North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia Eastern Europe and the
Middle East etc. Overseas market due to stable product performance, good printing effect, unique appearance and excellent after-sales service.
Shenzhen Chuang Cheng Da Technology Co., Ltd.’s cooperative factory covers an area of 1,000 square meters, has a professional technical
team and research and development team, and has more than 20 experienced production and technical workers. It can guarantee the
production quality and production efficiency of the machine.
Shenzhen Chuang Cheng Da Technology Co., Ltd. has been insisting on the company’s operating philosophy of good product quality, excellent
service quality and professional management. lt is committed to serving small and medium-sized production enterprises, self-employed
households and individual entrepreneurs, providing them with intelligent and efficient New technology products.

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