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01. What materials can UV printer print on?

It can print almost all kind of materials, such as Metal, Wood, Glass, PVC, Acrylic, Ceramics, Plastic, PPU .etc

02. What products can print on using UV Printer?

You can print on Phone Case, CD, Golf Ball, ID Card, Pen, Oil Painting, Mug, etc.

03. What different between A4 and A3 UV Printer?

A4 UV printer only can print flat surface, A3 UV printer can print cylinder. A3 UV printer comes with a cylinder printing tray.

04. What different between UV printer and DTG printer?

DTG Printer is without led lamp, UV Printer comes with UV lamp, so DTG Printer uses Textile Ink for T-Shirt and Garment
printing, UV Printer uses UV ink for Metal, Wood, Glass, PVC, Acrylic, Ceramics, Plastic, PPU printing. UV ink needs to use a UV lamp to curing.

05. Can the uv printer print emboss 3D effect?

Yes, our UV printer can print 3D effect. Please contact us for more information.

06. What materials need to use pre-coating?

Some materials need to spray pre-coating, such as metal, glass, acrylic, wood, etc.

07. What is the warranty of the printer?

Our factory provides one year of warranty, except print head and other ink contact parts.

08. How can we start to use the printer?

We will send the manual with the package of the printer. Please read the manual before using and operate strictly as manual. We will also provide teaching video and technical support online.

09. Where can I buy the spare parts and ink.

Our printer does not come with ink, if you need to buy with the ink together, please contact us. We also provide the spare parts, ink and some printing materials, such as blank phone case, oil painting,
pre-coating and cleaning liquid, etc. If you need, please contact us.

10. What about the maintenance of our printer?

We suggest to click automatic cleaning every day.

11. Does the price include the customs duties?

The price does not include the customs duties and other fee.

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