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EraSmart 3545 UV DTF Printer UV Printer With Rolling Printing Tray

Erasmart's 3545 UV Printer adopts a sturdy steel frame structure, coupled with imported silent guide rails, nozzle anti-collision device, and integrated suction printing platform, for more stable and smooth printing. Equipped with Hoson motherboard, and dual XP600 print heads, the printing accuracy can reach 1440dpi, with high-resolution printing, which greatly restores the color of the image, ensuring printing quality. At the same time, the printer is also equipped with an independent light oil UV lamp, making the light oil printing effect brighter. It is also equipped with an ink level alarm to remind timely replenishment of ink, making production more efficient.

Printing size is 35*45cm(13.78*17.72inch), meeting small-scale customization needs.

Printing height is 13cm, infrared automatic height measurement, satisfying cylindrical and other printing needs.

Adopting imported silent guide rail and lifting components, precise alignment, smooth printing.

Integrated suction printing platform, able to print ultra-thin products.

Equipped with high-precision, high-speed and stable Hoson board.

Dual XP600 printheads, 12-color channel, white and color printing together, able to print varnish.

Small body, easy to place and move, suitable for entrepreneurial groups.

Widely used, can be printed on various surfaces including A film, T-shirts, plastic, wood, tiles, glass, PVC, acrylic, metal, and leather, among others.


  • Specifications

UV printers are printers that use ultraviolet curing technology. This technology allows ink to dry immediately upon contact with product surface, eliminating the need for drying time. These printers are suitable for various materials, including plastic, glass, ceramics, metal, and wood. UV printers have high printing quality, are very durable and light-resistant, making them an ideal choice for the advertising and decoration industry.

UV inkjet printers have many advantages. First, they can print directly on almost any material, including plastic, glass, metal, wood, etc. Secondly, the pigments used in UV inkjet printers can be exposed to sunlight for many years without fading. In addition, UV inkjet printers can print very detailed and accurate images because they can print very small dots. Finally, compared to traditional printing methods, UV inkjet printers are more environmentally friendly because they do not require any chemicals or solvents, thus producing no harmful waste.

Erasmart UV printer is a high-performance digital inkjet printing equipment that uses ultraviolet curing technology to produce high-quality, high-precision images and text. It is fast, cost-effective, and consumes less consumables, making it ideal for various applications in flat printing, advertising production, packaging decoration, personalized customization, etc. In addition, Erasmart UV printers also have a variety of intelligent functions such as uv light curing, automatic cleaning, and automatic height measurement, which can realize efficient and automated printing production lines.

UV Printer

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