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Does it work with Epson head UV printers that utilize negative pressure ink?

December 6, 2021

Does it work with Epson head UV printers that utilize negative pressure ink?

We all know that all industrial UV printers , like Ricoh G5i printers come with negative pressure. This is because the nozzles are large and has 7-35pl. Epson head is mostly 1.5-3.5pl,so can it be used with Epson printer?

In relation to Epson printhead UV printers, the majority of suppliers utilize positive pressure to supply ink and this requires that the level of ink be maintained at a higher level than 20cm over the head nozzles(like the erasmart 9060UV model),so you can guarantee that the quality of ink produced is.

There are also fewer vendors who that use a Negative Pressure ink Supply systems for 9060 UV printers, which is highly necessary for the process:

1.If there is a pressure high the ink supply will be insufficient and you’ll see there are nozzles that are not working during printing. Sometimes, high pressure may be able to pass through the nozzles, which could cause the head to be breaking.

2.If there is a pressure lower, could cause a drop in ink.

In addition We can observe that, for a small UV printers, there is not necessary to use a negative pressure to print with an Epson head.

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