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What is what is the distinction of RGB as well as CMYK in the case of an Inkjet printer?

December 5, 2021

What is what is the distinction of RGB as well as CMYK in the case of an Inkjet printer?

RGB color model is the three primary colors of light. Red, Green, and Blue. These three primary colors, that have different proportions that can create a range of colors. In theory, green, red and blue light could be combined with other shades.

It is also known as KCMY, CMY is short for yellow, cyan and magenta. These are the colors that make up the intermediates in RGB (three primary shades of light) combined in pairs that are the complementary color of RGB

Before we get into the details, let’s consider these:

In the image it is clear that the color CMY is subtractive mixing. This is the main distinction, so why is our photo printer and UV printer is KCMY? This is due to the fact that the technology currently in use cannot produce high-purity pigments. The tricolour mix can be a bit different from usual black, but instead it is a dark red, which requires it is a special black ink that can neutralize.

Theoretically, RGB is actually the natural color, which is the color that is found in all natural things we are able to see.

In modern times, RGB color values are displayed on screens which is classified by bright colors. This is due to the purity of light is the best, and therefore the color that is most accurate reflects RGB hue values.So we could also categorize the visible colors as RGB colors.

Contrary to that, the KCMY 4 colors represent color patterns that is specifically intended for industrial printing. They are non-luminous.As long as the color pattern is printed on a variety of media using modern equipment for printing The color mode could be classified under KCMY mode.

Let’s take a take a look at the contrast of RGB color mode , and KCMY the color modes in Photoshop:

(usually graphic design will typically compare the differences between two colors of the purpose of rip printing)

Photoshop set up two color modes RGB and KCMY to make some distinction.In fact,the difference is not big after printed out, but if deal picture in RIP with RGB model,you will see the printing result is big difference compare with original photo.

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