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EraSmart APP WIFI Connected UV Phone Case Wireless Printer

Product Name: Phone case wireless printer

Motherboard: Wellprint

Printhead: Single xp600

Warranty:38 months

Connected: Wifi

Operation Software: HTML5 APP

Product operation process introduction:Use wifi connection to send printing tasks through the printing APP on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Multiple users can print at the same time. The printing process is simple and easy to operate. You can take photos and print at any time, and it will dry immediately.

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EraSmart’s latest phone case wireless printer uses UV flatbed inkjet printing technology to achieve customized printing of phone case patterns through WiFi connection. The APP of printer integrates functions such as pattern editing, print preview, print progress, and models for currently popular mobile phone models, allowing users to easily edit patterns and personalize them.
The phone case wireless printer supports sending print jobs from a computer, smartphone or tablet to the printer, eliminating the need for cumbersome positioning and typesetting. This wireless connection provides greater convenience and flexibility, allowing multiple users to access and send customized tasks simultaneously.

Product Name Phone Case Wireless Printer
Motherboard Wellprint
Print Head XP600
No. Of Print heads Single Print Heads
Printing Color CMYK
Display Control Screen 7 inch
Operation Software HTML5 APP
Print Head Cleaning Auto Cleaning
Printing Resolusion 1440dpi
Printing Speed 1-2min/pcs
Printing Height 0-10mm adjustable
Ink Type UV Ink
Ink Tank Capacity 250ml
Printing Environment 15-30℃
Relative Humidity 40-60%
Rated Power 150W
File Format jpeg/jpg/png
Application Phone Case Printing
Support Mobile Phone Case Models For 80+ Iphone&Samsung Model
Warranty Time 38 months warranty (Ink contact parts are not warranty)
Equipment Size 59*35*34cm
Equipment Weight 26kg
UV Printer

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