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How can I get an embossed effect using UV printer?

December 5, 2021

Our EraSmart UV flatbed printer printing is available on nearly all flat materials including ceramic, arcylic tile, PVC board, paper, metal and more. Sometimes, your customers might would like to have an embossed effect, such as braille alphabet.For this need, you are you looking for how to make UV printers create embossed effects.

After curing the UV ink with a UV lamps while printing each color will have their own thickness. Typically dark areas of the image will become an extra layer of thickness than areas with light. We can create embossing effects when printing a lot of UV inks. However, in the near future, we’ll face the following issue after printing a number of times with color ink, it will result in us not getting the exact color of the image file. Therefore, we will utilize white inks to resolve this issue.

White ink can be repeated many times as substrate by repeating more times, the white ink’s thickness will be get thicker. Then we require printing color ink onto the substrate.

For our EraSmart UV printer, you only need to follow the steps below:

(1) (2). Transfer the image file in the format of PRT file through Photoprint;

(2) (2) load the (2) load the PRT file into PrintExp, and then set the repetition times. You can set them as either 2,4 or 8.

(3) print on the materials.

Another reason to use white ink: when printing on certain kinds of substances, their surface is not white, just as metal or glass, currently we must print white ink as a substrate first, then print the color of ink out.If the ink is printed color directly on these types of materials it isn’t possible to print the color ture.

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