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Do I require a DTF printers to printing T-shirts?

November 30, 2021

Do I require a DTF printers to printing T-shirts?

What is the reason DTF Printer active in the market? There are a lot of machines available that print T-shirts. They include large-size printers roller machines screens printing equipment. Additionally, there are smaller direct-injection printers for digital printing offset heat transfer or powder shaking equipment. These are the most popular equipments available currently. Everybody has a certain level of recognition.

I think that, after reading this first section, a lot of readers already have a general idea in their heads. What is your primary commercial scope and direction? Today , we are focusing on printing T-shirts using a DTF printer and then introduce other printing techniques to print T-shirts. Compare the advantages and benefits of these kinds of printing. Make sure you have an complete understanding of current market options.

1.What is an DTF printer?


DTF printers are also referred to as an offset heat transfer machine and a shaker of powder. The name is derived from the effect that is actually created by offset printing in color. The pattern is precise and real, and can outdo the actual effects of the image. Many have referred to it as offset heat transfer in reference to Kodak photographs. Also called DTF printer, it’s the small , family-sized printer we’re using today.

DTF printer makes use of heated melt to create prints onto PET transfer films. The hot melt powder is manufactured professionally and is used in this device. The basic principle of this machine is: The Slagging agent for printing material is introduced in the fabric. This creates hot melt, which then falls off and bonds. It is required to employ two different printing techniques offset printing and ink printing. Without the tight combination of both techniques, it can be difficult to make products with the same characteristics.

DTF printer uses a full set of silica gel at low temperatures and offset ink in four colors. It is soft to touch and has excellent air permeability, vibrant colors, vivid and clear photos, and vivid colors stretch-resistant, excellent recovery; wash-resistant (up to 4 or 5) Excellent at conveying the fine and shallow effects of patterns. It is protected by SGS Environmental safeguards (European standard textiles comprise total lead eight heavy metals azo, phthalates, organic tin polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons formaldehyde).

DTF printers are typically employed by self-employed individuals. They can also be used by a larger company. Perhaps it’s an agency or distributor. The DTF printer is a great choice for transferring all types of sportswear, clothing small items such as, etc. by using PET film. Examples include: personalized T-shirts or sweaters, hats and the aprons and so on. Diverse swimwear, sportswear uniforms for baseball and cycling attire as well as yoga clothing and so on. ; various small commodities, mugs, mouse pads, souvenirs, etc.

The primary one is T-shirts. There are numerous options for T-shirts. Cotton T-shirts, polyester T-shirts, Lycra T-shirts, chiffon T-shirts, etc. Each T-shirt comes with a unique material. If you’d like to create your own designs and patterns on the shirt. There are other printers that might be difficult to use. The DTF printer can be constructed from any type of fabric, no matter if the T-shirt you are wearing is 100% cotton or another material regardless of whether it’s black, white or color is able to be transferred. The printed item is washable, has excellent speed of color and is extremely breathable and comfortable. Particularly in hot summer it’s a great choice.

2.So what’s the main differentiator in DTF printing and printers from other manufacturers?

It’s mostly the quantity of T-shirts printed that has been highlighted in the previous article. If printed in huge quantities, you can expect huge orders from the major T-shirt retailers. It is possible to choose screen printing and the cost of printing on screen is quite affordable. Due to the low printing costs of screen printing screen printing, printing takes place as plate making which incurs plate manufacturing costs and is appropriate for large-scale production.

Screen printing is the color printing technique it is difficult to make the change of colors into two colors based on the image. It also is difficult to accurately reflect the color change as per the image. If you’re looking to get high-quality, high-precision patterns, then screen printing is not the best option. It is extremely fast and the efficiency is high. But there are color limitations as well as serious pollution.

If you want to create customized T-shirts and place only a few orders it is possible to utilize DTF printer or DTG printer. There is no limit in shade, which is more random. Flexible, and more suited to adapt to market fluctuations. Additionally the hot melt ink and the powder utilized have met standards of environmental protection that are more eco sustainable. It’s in perfect harmony with current international standards.

DTG printers don’t need to create a plate and prints directly the pattern on the fabric. the effect of printing. What you see is what you will get. In actual operation in the event of dark-colored then you must treat the fabric with the spray before. If the liquid used for pretreatment is not properly handled it can affect the effect of printing.


Thermal transfer is a novel method that makes use of technology for thermal transfer to transmit images and patterns created on the thermal transfer papers onto fabrics using the use of heat and pressure. The method of dye-sublimation transfer is used primarily used for chemical fibers made of polyester. If the heat is transferred to the fabric the ink is then sublimated into the fiber of the fabric, and the result is vivid and quick. Get the full effect of graphic printing using the transitional color and rich layering.

The use of heat transfer printing is ideal for large-scale businesses to manage production. In the beginning, the price tag of equipment for thermal transfer discourages those who would like to venture into the field. However, its unique characteristics make it a definite contender on the market. And for a long period of time it has had a significant influence upon our everyday lives.

Are you attracted through this piece? Are you considering entering the field or wish to know more about DTF printers? We invite you to contact us if interested.

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