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What exactly is UV DTF technology? How do I use UV DTF technology?

December 1, 2021

What exactly is UV DTF technology? How do I use UV DTF technology?

We EraSmart recently launched a brand new technology – UV DTF printer. The main benefit of this technology is that, after printing it can be immediately fixed to the substrate for transfer without any other processes.

Comparatively to DTF printing In contrast to DTF printing, UV DTF requires the use of a UV flatbed printer, as well as an laminating machine. DTF requires the DTF printer and a shake powder machine, and the heat press.

It’s not direct printing onto materials like a normal flatbed printers, but instead film printing before transferring onto the materials.

There is no need for pre-coating, there is no limits on the size of objects, odd objects are fine.

How to perform UV DTF printing,please follow the instructions in the following steps:

1. Make the design on A film.

2. After printing, use a laminate machine to reduce film A and B. It can also be operated by hand.

3. Cut the pattern and glue it on the surface to be put on.

4. Repeat pressing the pattern and then slowly peel the film and finish.

More information is available on our YouTube channel:

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