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  • EraSmart Digital Inkjet Small Desktop A3 DTF Printer

    1. Self-developed printing film in and out control system, saving cost,simple and easy to operate.

    2. Independent roll film support, roll film and sheet film can be printed

    3. 6-color printing, more vivid colors

    4. Open cover design, convenient for maintenance

    5. Acrylic window, easy to check the printing effect

    6. Vacuum adsorption platform

    7. White ink circulation system

    8. heating system

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    • Features

    EraSmart A3 DTF Printer, Self-developed printing film control system, saving costeasy to operate. Independent roll film support, roll film and sheet film can be printed. 6-color printing, more vivid colors. Open cover design, convenient for maintenance. Acrylic window, easy to check the printing effect. Built-in vacuum adsorption platform, white ink circulation system, heating system.

    Product Model ERA-DTF-A3
    Print Head 1390/DX5
    Printing Size A3
    Ink Type DTF Ink
    Printing Color CMYK+WW
    Printing Resolution 2880*1440dpi
    Printing Speed 10min/1440dpi
    Product Weight 25KG
    Printing Size 74*93*25CM

    Product Name: EraSmart a3 dtf printer

    Product Type: DTF Printer

    DTF Printer

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