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EraSmart Digital Inkjet Small Desktop A3 Roll DTF Printer

  • Independent research control system
  • White ink circulation double system
  • Equipped with vacuum adsorption platform
  • Non-slip design for roll film stand
  • Automatic ink volume recovery system
  • Equipped with heating system
Product Model ERA-DTF-A3
Print Head 1390/DX5/L1800
Printing Width Max 30cm
Ink Type DTF Ink
Printing Color CMYK+WW
Printing Resolution 2880*1440dpi
Printing Speed 10min/1440dpi
Product Weight 25KG
Printing Size 74*74*25CM
  • Specifications

EraSmart A3 DTF Printer, Self-developed printing film control system, saving costeasy to operate. Independent roll film support, roll film and sheet film can be printed. 6-color printing, more vivid colors. Open cover design, convenient for maintenance. Acrylic window, easy to check the printing effect. Built-in vacuum adsorption platform, white ink circulation system, heating system.

Product Features:

The DTF-A3 printer is based on the Epson R1390 print engine and features CMYK + White ink printing capabilities. It can print on PET film in batches, which speeds up your business. The printer has a 16.5 x 11.8 inch print area and comes with a custom top window so that you can watch the print with the lid closed. It also has a built-in heating device to accelerate ink curing and offers real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity. Additionally, the white ink stirring feature can solve the problem of ink blocking.

Product Parameters:

  • Model: DTF-A3
  • Printer Head: R1390
  • Printing Accuracy: 2880DPI
  • Printing Size: A3
  • Printing Speed: 6 minutes per A4
  • Software: Included
  • Applicable System: Windows
  • Ink Supply Method: Continuous ink supply, white ink stirring
  • Color Scheme: CMYK+WW

Package Includes:

  • 1 x A3 Size DTF Printer
  • Software with a dongle
  • Free parts

Please Note:

  • You need a Windows 7 or higher PC with an available USB port to use this printer.
  • You will need a heat press for the final print. We recommend a 16×20 inch press.
  • You should keep the humidity above 40% in the print room and use a humidifier if necessary.
  • You will need artwork design software like Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or CorelDRAW.
  • An oven heater is also recommended.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a DTF Printer:

  • You have to climate control your print room. DTG works best in a room with a temperature of 70 – 78 degrees and humidity between 40% – 60% (50% or higher is needed at times).
  • After the heat transfer is completed on the heat press, do not rush off the PET film. Wait until it has cooled down before removing it.
DTF Printer

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