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17″ Dual Heads A600 Direct to Film Printing Pet Film Printer Machine Erasmart 60cm DTF Printer For T-shirt

  • Dual XP600 printhead, white and color printing at the same time, fast printing, vivid printing.
  • Independent research control system, sheet film and roll film can be printed.
  • White ink circulation and white ink stirring, dual white ink processing system
  • Equipped with vacuum adsorption platform, flat printing, no scratching ink
  • Ink storage alarm and waste ink alarm system, printing more at ease
  • Equipped with a heating platform, heating while printing
  • Specifications

DTF printer

Introducing the EraSmart

With double Epson printheads and micro-piezo inkjet technology, A600DTF delivers true color output, image restoration, and better color vibrancy with light/oxidation/water/scratch resistant prints. Plus, the pattern has stranger toughness and higher elasticity, making it more durable. Our patented technology – white ink automatic circulation – prevents printheads from clogging and extends printhead lifetime by 50%. With micro-voltage and intelligent ink drop technology, DTF enhances color richness, reproduction, accuracy, and vibrancy, achieving 100% image details restoration with minimized color distortion. Optimize your printing speed and efficiency with the combination of A600DTF and Powder Shaking and Drying All-In-One Machine, which frees your hands from frequent printer operations.

Key Features:

  • Upgraded Appearance: Visible windows allow for easy status checks and deliver a professional image.
  • White Ink Circulation: Minimizes printhead clogging, protecting internal components and extending printhead service life.
  • Displayable Humidity and Temperature: Accurate data access ensures optimal working environment.
  • Dual Printheads: Dual printheads increase printing efficiency, save time, and offer better printing experience.
  • Extraordinary Print Quality: High-resolution patterns with minimum color distortion in industrial-grade quality.
  • User-Friendly: Simple printing steps with no pretreatment process, perfect for beginners.


Motherboard Hoson
Product Name DTF Printer
Print Head XP600
No. Of Print heads Single Print Head Dual Print Heads
Printing Width 60cm
Equipment Size 980*400*450mm
Equipment Weight 60kg
Print Head Cleaning Auto Cleaning
Printing Media Pet Film
Printing Resolusion 720dpi/1080dpi/1440dpi
Ink Consumption 1m²/10ml
Suction Platform yes
Ink Type DTF Ink
Printing Speed 8pass/12pass/16pass
USB Interface USB3.0
Printing Environment 15-30℃
Relative Humidity 40-60%
Rated Power 100W
File Format tiff/jpeg/jpg/png/pdf/eps
Warranty Time 3 years warranty



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