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  • Dual XP600 DTF Inkjet Printing Pet Film Printer Machine Erasmart 60cm A3 DTF Printer For Clothes

    • Dual XP600 printhead, white and color printing at the same time, fast printing, vivid printing.
    • Independent research control system, sheet film and roll film can be printed.
    • White ink circulation and white ink stirring, dual white ink processing system
    • Equipped with vacuum adsorption platform, flat printing, no scratching ink
    • Ink storage alarm and waste ink alarm system, printing more at ease
    • Equipped with a heating platform, heating while printing
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    Product Description

    The EraSmart gives you precise control for even the most complicated designs, providing faster printing speeds and improved stability. Print up to 5-7 square meters per hour for greater productivity without compromising quality.

    The Dual Print head gives you vivid color printing capabilities. In addition, you’ll get a reel printing width of 20-600mm with unlimited length. The EraSmart also features an adsorption platform that prevents the nozzle from scratching the DTF film and simultaneously stabilizing the film while it works.

    Our white film circulation system prevents blockages from building up in the nozzle, and an ink alarm system keeps you updated when ink is running low. So now, you can continue printing with minimal interruptions or delays.

    When the waste fill bottle is full, the EraSmart will sound an alarm to prevent any overflows of the waste ink bottle, and the intimate reminder functions help ensure your printing tasks continue to be carried out.

    The open cover design gives you complete access to the inner workings of the printer, making maintenance and observation simple and easy.

    The printer also features a heating platform that can function between 30-45 degrees Celsius. This helps to ensure the printing is completed and dried without creating additional steps or processes.

    The EraSmart Dual Head printer gives you the ability to connect an automatic powder shaker for greater productivity and scalability. Now you can reduce your labor costs and improve efficiencies, allowing you to boost your bottom line.

    The intelligent touch screen makes it simple to operate the printer and requires minimal instruction to unlock the full features of your printer.

    Discover top-quality and faster printing with the EraSmart Double Head DTF printer




    Motherboard Hoson
    Product Name DTF Printer
    Print Head XP600
    No. Of Print heads Single Print Head Dual Print Heads
    Printing Color CMYK+WW CMYK+WWWWWW
    Printing Width 60cm
    Equipment Size 980*400*450mm
    Equipment Weight 60kg
    Print Head Cleaning Auto Cleaning
    Printing Media Pet Film
    Printing Resolusion 720dpi/1080dpi/1440dpi
    Ink Consumption 1m²/10ml
    Suction Platform yes
    Ink Type DTF Ink
    Printing Speed 8pass/12pass/16pass
    USB Interface USB3.0
    Printing Environment 15-30℃
    Relative Humidity 40-60%
    Rated Power 100W
    File Format tiff/jpeg/jpg/png/pdf/eps
    Warranty Time 3 years warranty
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